If you're currently using EXEMPTAX without an active integration into an e-commerce, accounting or ERP system, you can make mass changes to your customer records using Customer Import functionalities through upload of CSV, XLS or XLSX files. To access this feature you may do so following the steps below: 

1. From the app header, navigate to your company settings (limited to administrators).

2. Click on Customer Import towards the bottom right of the navigation section. 

3. Once you're in this section, you'll be able to download a template file (highlighted in red above) for which you can use to upload and modify customer records in mass. In order to add multiple shipping states to a single customer record, you'll need to list the Company Name (Which must be a unique value) and the subsequent information for that customer in two separate rows in the template. 

For example if you'd like to add 2 shipping states (CA and NY in this example) to a single company named John Resale, you'd structure the rows as below: 

Please note for the purposes of this example, certain columns were hidden to make the image easier to fit on the screen. 

This will instruct the system to create or modify a customer record with the multiple shipping states per your uploaded data-set. Once the record is updated, EXEMPTAX will check to make sure that there is valid exemption certificates in both shipping states. Additionally if you'd like to change the contents of various fields themselves including address and emails, simply re-upload the file to make changes.