If you're currently using EXEMPTAX without an active integration into an e-commerce, accounting or ERP system, you can quickly make mass changes to your customer records.

Please keep in mind that access to customer import settings might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.


The following documentation outlines how you can add or modify customer master records.

1. Select the icon "Company Settings" in your Dashboard.

2. Once in Company Settings, press on "Customer Import" in the menu bar.

TIP: To download a sample import template, simply press on the link "bulk_import_template.xls". 

3. Populate your master records per bulk import template specs accordingly. Please note, that the only required filed in the bulk import template is the field "Company Name". All other fields are optional. 

TIP: If you are attempting to add multiple shipping states to a single customer, then copy and paste the entire row for this particular customer and simply update the shipping state as needed. In this example, the customer 'Monsters, Inc'. will be updated with at least three additional shipping states after upload.

4. Upload your file via drag and drop and press the button "Upload Files". Once uploaded the system will then either create a new record or modify existing records in accordance with your uploaded bulk import file. In this scenario, your customer 'Monsters, Inc.' would have additional exposure in the three shipping states added. 

TIP: In addition to adding shipping states to your master records, you can modify any date for existing master records by following this process or add new master records accordingly. Always ensure that your Nexus settings are correctly set and that all jurisdictions pertaining to your business are activated.