In EXEMPTAX, you can enable your customers to upload pre-completed certificates in response to certificate campaigns and certificate submissions available inside of your linked e-commerce store. 

The ability to enable certificate uploads instead of dynamic certificate generation may come in handy if your customers already have existing processes for how they provide their vendors (more common with large enterprise organizations) with pre-completed resale or tax exemption certificates. 

Please note that the referenced pre-completed certificate process in this article refers to general company wide settings, and not to dynamic file uploads which can take place for certain jurisdictions and tax exemption reasons regardless of this setting.

In order to modify this feature, you may do so following the steps below:

1. Navigate into your company's settings from the app header (if you have administrator access) and click on Campaign Settings, and the Other tab: 

2. Once there under Manual Certificate Upload, select the dropdown to Enabled and click on Save Changes

Please note that this feature comes enabled on your account by default, but can be disabled per your company's settings.  

3. Once enabled, your customers will be able to access the features in the campaign and e-commerce areas via the options outlined below. 

Campaign View

E-commerce View 

(Please note, your e-commerce environment may look different due to various feature customizations available for the respective platform. )

4. After clicking into the area, your customers will be asked a quick set of questions (outlined below) to reduce the risk of them providing you with erroneous incomplete certificates.

5. Once this step is complete, they will then be to upload the requested certificates in a drag and drop frame or window.