Your BigCommerce store can be integrated into EXEMPTAX using multiple methods. Please note that integration between systems is only available on select plans. In this article we will focus on integration using the BigCommerce API. To connect the platforms, you may do so using the steps outlined below: 

1. Once logged into the administration portal of your BigCommerce store, navigate to “Advanced Settings” and then “API Accounts”

2. Click Create API Account, and then select “Create V2/V3 API Token” button. 

3. Once at the Create API Account screen, please go ahead and name your API (in this example we're using "EXEMPTAX"), and assign the following permissions for Customers, Information & Settings and Orders.  

Permission Level



Gives us the ability to sync customers, and to modify customers in order to update tax-exempt status.

Information & Settings
Read Only

Gives us the ability to read the settings of your store which are needed during account setup.

Read Only

Gives us the ability to read order information, enabling us to verify if a valid sales tax exemption certificate is on file for the respective customer/shipping address.

4. Once done with the configuration, click on the Save button and you will be able to download the API-credentials in a  .TXT file which will look similar to below. 

5. Upload this file to a secure cloud folder provided to you by your respective EXEMPTAX representative.