After you have processed a certificate in EXEMPTAX, you may need to change certain data or correct mistakes with certificate records. 

For example, common mistakes can involve associating the certificate to the wrong customer or assigning an incorrect exemption reason amongst others. 

The following documentation outlines how to edit variables on already completed certificates. 

1. Navigate to the "Queues" (1) function and select the certificate you want to edit by pressing the "Cert ID" (2) button.

2. Go tab "Classification" (1). From here, you can edit several data in the "Certificate Details" (2) section as outlined in the below table. Press "Save" (3) to finalize your changes. 

NOTE: EXEMPTAX will update the exposure status for the customer and certificate record incorporating your respective changes accordingly. 




Name of your customer or account number of your customer

Exemption Reason

The available list of exemption reasons can be found here.

Certificate Type

Multi-use (certificate applies to multiple transactions with a customer)

Single-use (certificate is only valid for a single transaction, typically identified on the document with an Invoice or PO Number).

Effective Date
The beginning date for a which a document can be considered valid inside of EXEMPTAX.

Expiration Date

The date which EXEMPTAX will consider the document expired, and no longer valid for exposure calculation. Note: The expiration date field is initially calculated based on tax validation rules setup in your account. Please consult with a tax professional and exercise caution when manually overriding such dates.

Doesn't Expire

When checked, this option will set the validity period of the certificate so that it doesn't expire.