Customer Tags help you group customers for various purposes, including handling targeted email campaigns and conducting mass changes to customers.

The following documentation provides instruction on how to create, manage and apply customer tags. 

NOTE: If you are utilizing an e-commerce, accounting, or ERP system integration into EXEMPTAX, please contact support for Customer Tag inquiries as different system logic and customizations may apply. 

Please keep in mind that access to company settings might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. Select the icon "Company Settings" in your Dashboard. 

2. In the Company Settings, navigate to the left menu "Exposure Management" (1), then select "Customer Tags" (2). From here you are able to manage your customer tags (3).

FYI: In this example, we are creating a Customer Tag for VIP customers.

3. Once the Customer Tag is created, it will show on the Customer Tag bar (1). In case you want to manage your Customer Tags, you can click on "Manage Tags" (2) to proceed with changes. 

4.  In the "Manage Tags" function, you can create a new Customer Tag by pressing "Create Tag" (1) or "Edit" existing Customer Tags (2).

5. In the "Edit Tag" function, you can change an existing Tag Name (1) by overriding the value. Once your changes are completed, hit the "Save Tag" (2) button to finalize the update. Alternatively, you can "Delete Tag" (3) in case an existing Customer Tag is no longer needed. 

6. When finished setting up all Customer Tags, exit the Company Settings menu and return back to the main menu. From there, navigate to the "Customer" (1) on the left menu and choose the customer to whom you intend to apply the created Customer Tag (2) by clicking on the customer name link (2). 

7. Once inside the customer account, hit the "Edit" (1) button to start applying Customer Tags

8. Navigate to the Customer Tags (1) section and select the dropdown. From here you can assign Customer Tags to your individual customer profile. Ensure to hit the "Save" button whenever you make changes Customer Tags on any other items within the customer profile. 

NOTE: You can select and apply several Customer Tags to one customer, which will allow you to identify customers on several levels. 

9. Once done tagging your customer, you can view applied Customer Tags by going into the "Customer" (1) menu. The Customer Tag will be visible in the "Tags" (2) field accordingly.