Once your customer receives a campaign request and begins the process of generating or submitting their exemption certificate, they will have to choose an exemption reason in order to continue. 

In the company settings, if Force Exemption Reason Selection is Disabled, the customer can still actively select their exemption reason, but the drop-down will be prepopulated with the default exemption reason assigned for the customer record. 

In this specific example, the customer's exemption reasons is set for Resale.

While in this case, the customer can still choose another exemption applicable to their situation, you may want to actively prompt the customer to choose without presenting them with a default option. In order to do this, simply invert the setting as below: 

1. Select Force Exemption Reason to Enabled, and hit Save Changes.  

2. Once you do so, customers in future campaigns will actively have to choose their own exemption reason from a blank drop-down.