The automated emails feature enables you to automatically send your tax-exempt customers an email whenever they complete a certificate a request from a prior campaign.  

If the certificate is properly completed, they will receive an email confirmation letting them know that their certificate was accepted, and there is nothing left form them to do for that request. Conversely if the certificate is not properly filled out and was rejected after review, they will receive an email with a link that will allow them to resubmit their certificate. 

To reduce back and forth communication, the re-submission process will identify the specific areas where the customer made a mistake on the certificate, so that they have a chance fix such areas prior to resubmitting the document. For more information in regards to specific rejection, please see our rejected certificated articles.

In order to enable this feature, please follow the steps below:

1. Navigate into your company's settings from the app header (if you have administrator access) and click on Campaign Settings, and the Other tab: 

2. Click enabled on the Send Automated Emails drop-down and hit Save Changes on the blue button after.