In EXEMPTAX, you can generate and disseminate certificate campaign links with a unique token URL (for which you can copy and paste into emails and text messages) to enable your customers to digitally submit their resale or tax exemption certificates. 

In order to utilize this feature, you may do so following the steps below:

1. Click on a particular customer available in your Customers area, and on the Shipping States tab, click on the particular checkboxes for the states in which you wish to generate a link for, and click on Generate Link as seen below.  

Please note that for the purposes of this example, this is a fake customer record. 

2. Once you click on the Generate Link, you will be brought to a confirmation modal as seen below. 

3. At this stage, please click on Generate Link to continue to generate the token link. Once clicked. you will see the link confirmation in a modal as show below. 

Please note that for the purposes of this example, the actual token URL has been omitted.

4. You may either manually copy and paste the link, or you may also copy it using the Copy Link button in the modal as shown above for dissemination to your customers.