In EXEMPTAX, a Custom Form acts as a catch all form that allows one to process any exemption certificate not present in the forms library. This option is necessary to process certain tax exemptions that are handled through non traditional means, including certain Direct Pay and Charitable Exemption documentation.  

To process a Custom Form you may do so using the steps outlined below: 

1. On the Certificate Processing window, simply select CST - Custom under the Jurisdiction drop-down, and select CUSTOM FORM in the form drop-down. Once the selection is complete, click on the blue Continue button. 

2. You will then be brought to Validation step of the workflow when you can then enter the basic certificate data (the example below shows the screen prior to data entry) necessary to process the form. 

Please note, that since Custom Forms typically don’t conform to certain sets of required data and are therefore open to broader interpretation, we recommend to vest processing of such forms with a qualified tax professional.