If you utilize our CertDash platform to receive your tax certificates from your customers electronically, most certificates you receive are guaranteed to be fully completed and signed. Please check our CertDash documentation to the advantages of CertDash to you and your purchasers. 

For those certificates, which are being uploaded manually however, simply enter the data on the uploaded certificate into EXEMPTAX and our validation algorithm decides if that particular exemption certificate is valid or invalid.

Regardless how you receive and process your certificates, we do encourage you to apply best practice and perform a quick logical check to ensure specific content on a certificate is fit for purpose (example: if you are selling car parts, a certificate should not describe the purchase of butter).

Please keep in mind that access to certificate processing might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.


The following documentation outlines how you can manually process and validate tax certificates.

1. Select "Certificates" in the menu bar and press on "Queues". From there you can select any pending certificate ready for processing.

2. As the first step, you will need to classify the certificate and assign the Jurisdiction, Form, and Customer. Once done, press the "Continue" button.

TIP: If you utilize CertDash for your certificates, then the entire classification is automatically assigned for you.

3. During the validation step, you will need to manually enter data from the scanned certificate into the appropriate data field in EXEMPTAX. 

TIP: Every CertDash certificate automatically inserts all fields into EXEMPTAX for you so that you don't have to manually key in data.

4. Once you are finished entering data, press on the "Validate & Continue" button and the EXEMPTAX algorithm will process your certificate against your validation rules. 

5. Once Your validation rules will determined if your certificate has been successfully processed you can press on "Ok" to finish the validation procedure.