EXEMPTAX CertDash feature allows you to digitize the entire certificate handling process from A to Z. 

EXEMPTAX sends certificate requests via safe URL links directly to your customers. CertDash then streamlines the entire process by providing the correct form, for the right state in which you have exposure to your customer contact via e-mail, mail or other integration. 

The below documentation provides a high level overview of the CertDash process and user experience for you and your buyer.

TIP: You can easily simulate the buyer experience by filling out a sample form on our CertDash Demo portal.

1. Your customer will receive a customizable email, which entails your name, logo, overall look and feel. By pressing on the link, your customer will be redirected to CertDash.

2. Your customer now has the option to process any outstanding requests available by pressing on the "Submit Document" link in the CertDash dashboard.

3. To start the process, your customer simply selects a tax exemption reason and hits the "Next" button.

TIP: You can fully customize the tax exemption reason function to either show a particular reason, to restrict a selection, or to leave the reason blank altogether so that your customer has to decide, which reason to select. Please get in touch with us if you have questions on how to customize the tax exemption reason selection criteria.

4. During step 2 of the process, your customer will be guided through an intuitive workflow. Dependent on your master records, customer data are usually prepopulated in this step. If so, then your customer simply confirms accuracy and hits the "Next" button.

5. The most important step during this process is to accurately provide all necessary data for completion of the tax form. CertDash guides your customer through all questions and dynamically updates the workflow based on individual requirements. 

6. As last step, your customer simply signs the form whenever necessary and hits the "Review PDF" button for a final check.

7. CertDash then automatically renders all provided data and generates a fully completed tax form ready for submission by pressing the "Submit Document" button.

8. Once successfully submitted, you will receive your customers form instantly in your EXEMPTAX account, ready for validation. First expand the "Certificate" menu and press on "Queues". You can then select any pending certificate by pressing the "Cert ID" button.

9. All data entered by your customer will be automatically entered into EXEMPTAX to streamline the validation process for you. We do encourage you to perform a quick visible check to ensure that the data entered are fit for purpose before hitting the "Validate & Continue" button.

10. The EXEMPTAX validation engine will perform a final check against your validation rules. If all data match the validation criteria the certificate is successfully validated and you can close the process by pressing the "OK" button.