EXEMPTAX applies tax validation rules for respective tax exemption certificates and can help you decide whether your exemption certificate is valid or not. EXEMPTAX will apply your particular validation rules across all exemption certificates you are processing. You are in full control of how your team validates your exemption certificates, can eliminate the guesswork, standardize processes, and provide for 100% transparency and accuracy.

Please note that at times, it might be beneficial to change certain validation rules to adhere to internal company compliance procedures. For example, if the rule for a specific field is set to required, you can easily change that rule to make this particular field optional, which will then bypass a validation check. 

Please keep in mind that access to validation rules might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.


Follow the below steps to view or edit your particular validation rules.

 1. Open the "Rules" functions and select "Forms".

2. Select the particular form you want to review or change by clicking on the form revision name.

3. Select a particular field and change the drop down option to your desired criteria. Push the "Update Rule" button to save your changes. 

TIP: Some forms require complex conditional rules, which are depended on dynamic fields, please get in touch with us if you need help customizing any of your rules.

INFO: If you change the dropdown for the field marked below from "Required" to "Optional", the validation rule will then bypass a validation for this particular field.

4. In addition to customizing your particular validation rules, you can also modify form expiration terms by pressing on the link as shown below.

5. Once a modal pops-up, simply select the appropriate expiration term in the drop down menu and hit the "Change Term" button to save your changes.

Note: For states with predefined expiration terms stated on the form, (Florida, Arizona, etc.) EXEMPTAX will dynamically consume the specific date on the document so that you don't run foul any potential expiration date inconsistencies.