The following documentation provides instructions on how to view, track and edit already submitted email campaigns.

Please keep in mind that access to the Campaigns area might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. Navigate to the "Manage Campaigns" (1) function on the left menu. Once there, you will see all previously submitted campaigns listed chronologically (2). To perform any changes or drill into a particular campaign, click on a Campaign ID (3).

2. Once inside a campaign, you can view details by selecting the status tab (1) of open requests, requests pending review and already closed requests.

3. In this example, we simulating to close a currently open request by selecting a single request or multiple requests through a checkmark (1) before pressing the button "Close Requests" (2). 

NOTE: Performing this action will close a particular request for this customer in their CertDash account. You can only close currently open requests.

4. As soon as the request is closed, the request will be removed from the "Open" request table (1) and added to the "Closed Requests" (2) tab.

5. Lastly you can track the delivery status of your submitted email campaigns by switching the "Delivery View" (1) toggle to the On position. This option will provide you with helpful insights regarding the email delivery status of each request.

TIP: In addition to details of delivery stages, the "Delivery Status" (2) will also indicate whether a particular email bounced. This information can then be useful to update customer master details with valid email addresses.