If you're unable to select a certain jurisdiction while processing a certificate, please ensure to check that the respective state is enabled in your company's Nexus profile and that all forms for that particular state are activated.

Please keep in mind that access to Nexus and form settings might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform these functions.


The following documentation outlines how you can enable a particular Nexus state and ensure that forms are set to active.

1. Go to "Queues" (1) in the menu bar and press the "Cert ID" (2) of the certificate you want to validate.

2. Proceed to "Classification" (1). In this example, the user attempts to process a New York form but does not find the state as valid option in the "Jurisdiction" (2) dropdown.

3. Exit the Queues section and return to your Dashboard. From there press the "Company Settings" (1) button to proceed.

4. Once in the company setting, press "Nexus" (1) in the menu bar. In this example New York in inactive (2). To activate the state, checkmark the box (3) beside the state and press "Change Status" (4) to proceed.

5. Once done, the status will change to "Active" (1).

6. After you have successfully activated your particular jurisdiction, it is recommended to ensure that all forms for a particular state are active as well. Proceed to select "Forms" (1) under "Rules in the menu bar. The filter by your particular "Jurisdiction" (2) and ensure that all forms pertaining to a particular state are activate (3).

7. As soon as your particular Nexus state and all relevant forms for that jurisdiction are activated, you will then be able to select the missing jurisdiction in the dropdown and select the corresponding form during classification in the certificate processing area.