The following documentation provides instructions on how to activate or deactivate automatic campaign submissions for expiring and expired certificates.


INFO: When activated, the automatic campaign function will submit emails whenever a particular certificate has actually expired or reaches the expiring time frame as set in your company settings. By activating the automatic campaign functions, you will enable the timely submission of certificate requests to your customers for expired and expiring certificates.


NOTE: Automatic campaigns will only be submitted after the automatic campaign function has been activated. The system will only pick up qualifying emails after activation but not retroactively. Your customers will only receive 1 email whenever a particular certificate has become expired or reached the expiring time frame. This prevents submission of multiple email requests for the same certificate. In case your customers do not respond to the automatic campaign submissions, you can always submit campaigns manually at any time.


Please keep in mind that access to the Settings area might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.


1. Go to the header menu and select the "Company Settings" (1) icon.

2. Once in the "Company Settings" go to "Campaign Settings" (1) on the left menu and choose the tab "Automatic Campaigns" (2). This will then provide you with the options to maintain automatic campaigns (3). In this example, we are activating automatic campaigns for "Expired Certificate Emails" by switching the toggle to "On" (4).

INFO: Automatic campaigns will be submitted after the automatic campaign function has been activated. The system will only pick up qualifying emails as of the start of activation.

3. Whenever you are switching the toggle (or activating / deactivating) at any category, you will be provided with a message to confirm (1) + (2). This confirmation will prevent accidental changes to the automatic campaign settings.

4. As soon as a particular category is activated or switched to the "On" position, you are able to change the template to a desired customer communication template. To select a template, click on the dropdown (1) and select any available templates (2) from there.

NOTE: Both automatic campaign categories (expired and expiring) are provided with system default templates. Please check on the documentation How do I create my own custom templates for email campaigns to setup your own templates for automatic campaigns. All created custom templates will show up in the dropdown (2) below.

5. You can easily check on automatic campaign submissions by going to the "Manage Campaigns" (1) option on the left menu. All automatic campaigns will be labeled as either "EXPIRED CAMPAIGN - AUTOMATED" or "EXPIRING CAMPAIGN - AUTOMATED" (2) for its respective purpose

INFO:  Please check the documentation How do I manage already submitted email campaigns for further details on how to access and manage previously submitted campaigns..