In EXEMPTAX, you may limit specific tax exemption reasons during certificate submission to reasons that your company is willing to accept.  For instance, let's say your company does not do business with Foreign Diplomats or Native American Tribes, and therefore you would like to restrict your customers from submitting forms related to these exemption reasons. To restrict this and to manage the available tax exemption reasons,  you may do so by following the steps below: 

1. From the app header, navigate to your company settings (limited to administrators).

2. Once there, navigate to Campaign Settings - Other tab, and click on the Allowed Exemption Reason dropdown as seen below. 

3. You may then select the specific exemption reasons available during certificate submission in the dropdown, and click on Save Changes to implement your settings. 

a. Please note that limiting to exemption reason will only restrict the ability of your customers to generate the specific form for that exemption reason, but does not restrict their ability to enter their own content on the specific document. 

b. Additionally, if you manually override a specific customer record with a particular tax exemption reason, and this reason conflicts with the available tax exemption reasons in your company settings, the override will prevail for that specific customer.