EXEMPTAX is designed to help businesses collect, validate and renew sales tax exemption certificates within the various jurisdictions of the United States of America. As such the following scenarios are not supported within EXEMPTAX or the EXEMPTAX Stripe app:  

  1. Customer records with a shipping address outside the United States
  2. Customer records lacking a shipping address  

If a particular customer record in Stripe contains a shipping address outside the United States or lacks one all together, such a customer record while visible in EXEMPTAX will be ignored for any exposure, campaign and other functionalities available in EXEMPTAX and the EXEMPTAX Stripe app. 

In order for EXEMPTAX to determine exposure (if a tax exempt customer is lacking a valid exemption document within a particular state in the US), a customer record must be associated with a particular US address. This address helps EXEMPTAX determine a particular course of action so that your tax exempt customers generate or upload valid sales tax exemption certificates in the states and scenarios where tax exemption documentation is required for regulatory and compliance purposes.