EXEMPTAX categorizes exemption reasons following the SSTGB (Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board, Inc.) standards, and these standards may differ between the exemption reasons available in QuickBooks Online. 

The respective mapping logic between systems is broken out below: 

Exemption Reason
QuickBooks ID
Federal GovernmentA1
State or Local GovernmentB2
Tribal GovernmentC4
Foreign DiplomatD15
Charitable OrganizationE5
Religious OrganizationF6
Agricultural ProductionH13
Industrial Production/ManufacturingI14
Direct PayJ10
Direct MailK12
Educational OrganizationM7

For potential support with additional QuickBooks Online exemption reasons including Local Government (ID 3), Hospital (ID 8) and Multiple Points of Use (11), please inquire by creating a ticket with EXEMPTAX support.