EXEMPTAX offers an intuitive campaign builder, which sends individual or mass emails to your customers with current exposure. You can select various filters to narrow the recipients of your email campaigns or send a full email blast to all your customers within a few clicks.

The following documentation outlines how you can create and submit email campaigns.

Please keep in mind that access to the campaign builder might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

TIP: To see the user experience of submitted email campaigns, please check our documentation on how CertDash via email works.

1. Select the "Campaigns" (1) function in the menu bar and press on "New Campaign" (2) to start your email campaign. 

INFO: Check out the documentation how to manage submitted campaigns or how to create custom email templates

2. You can then select whether you want to submit your email campaign to specific contacts by selecting "By Customer" (1) with current exposure or if you want to send a broader campaign by selecting "By Category" (2) as your campaign type. In this example, we selected to send the email campaign by Customer. Press the "Continue" (3) button to proceed.

3. Next you can add individual "Jurisdictions" (1). In addition, you can further select a particular "Exposure Status" (2), a particular "Exemption Reason" (3) or select "Customer Tags" (4) to narrow down your selection. In this example we want to submit email campaigns to all customers tagged as VIP.

TIP: Selecting all jurisdictions as your broadest category is the most commonly used method to send emails to every customer with current exposure.

INFO: Check out further details on Customer Tags to understand how they work. 

4. Select your email Template by choosing the system default campaign request from the dropdown (1).

TIP: If you have any custom email campaign templates previously created, you can select your custom template from the dropdown menu and press the "Preview" (1) button to check on the layout and content of your selected email template. Press "Continue" (2) to proceed. 

5. You can name your campaign for archiving and reference purposes or simply leave the campaign name (1) blank or as set per default. In this example we are naming the campaign "VIP Email Campaign" for future reference. Press "Continue" (2) to proceed. 

6. The "Campaign Summary" (1) provides you with an overview of all selected data prior to campaign submission. Here you can make final changes or reset the entire campaign by hitting the "Reset Campaign" (2) button. If your campaign looks good, press the "Submit Campaign" (3) button to submit your emails blast.

TIP: To see how you can manage issues with your submitted email campaigns, please check on our documentation to see what happens if my CertDash email request was not received?