EXEMPTAX offers an intuitive campaign builder, which sends individual or mass emails to your customers with current exposure. You can select various filters to narrow your email campaigns or send a full email blast to all of your customers within a few clicks.

Please keep in mind that access to the campaign builder might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.


The following documentation outlines how you can create and submit email campaigns.

TIP: To see the user experience of submitted email campaigns, please check our documentation on how CertDash via email works.

1. Select the "Campaigns" function in the menu bar and press on "New Campaign" to start you email campaign.

2. During the first campaign criteria you choose whether you want to submit your email campaign to specific customers with current exposure or if you want to narrow your email campaign further down, you can select "By Category" as your campaign type.

3. In this example, we are including all jurisdictions with current exposure into our campaign. Alternatively you can select a particular exposure status, such as missing, expired or expiring certificates or select a particular exemption reasons (Resale, State Government, etc.).

TIP: Selecting all jurisdictions as your broad category is the easiest way to send emails to every customer with current exposure.

4. You can optionally name your campaign as reference fur future use or simply leave the campaign name blank.

5. The final step in your campaign is an optional review of selected customer. The summary provides you an easy overview of selected data prior to campaign submission. You can delete single customers, reset your campaign by hitting the "Reset Campaign" button or, if everything looks ok, press on the "Submit Campaign" button to start your email submission.

6. A final confirmation modal provides you total count of document requests you are about to submit and after pressing "Confirm", your email Campaign will be submitted to all selected customers. 

TIP: To see how you can manage issues with your submitted email campaigns, please check on our documentation what happens if my CertDash email request was not received?