The following documentation outlines how you can customize your own reports using the report builder function in your EXEMPTAX account.

1. From your Dashboard, click on the "Reports" function in the menu bar and press "Builder".

2. The builder provides you with several options to customize your report. In this example, we want to see delivery errors an bounced emails of previously submitted email campaigns. Mark the "Delivery Error" option before pressing "Continue".

TIP: Check out documentation of the email campaign builder and email campaign delivery issues for more insights on those processes.

3. As next step, you can select your delivery method as well as an optional sent date to narrow down your selection criteria. Press "Continue" once done with your selection.

4. Choose your report format and press "Generate Report" to proceed.

5. When finished with your custom report, go back to the menu bar and press "Download". Your custom report will now be ready for download to the default download folder on your local machine.