The following documentation provides instructions on how to create your own custom templates for email campaign submissions.

Please keep in mind that access to the Campaigns area might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. On the left menu, open the "Campaign" function and press "Templates" (1). Once in the Templates view, press the  "Create Template" button (2) to proceed. 

2. You can now start creating your own template by selecting the Template Name (1) and the Email Subject (2). To begin inserting specific text, you'll need to click on the Insert Text Block button. When setting up your custom content in the template body (3) you can insert several pre-defined tags, text block fields, and make use of text formatting features. Once you are done, press the "Save Template" (4) button to finish your template. 

TIP: It is advisable to personalize your custom email template by using Tags.

INFO: By pressing the "Preview" (4) button, you can instantly see your changes prior to saving the template. Check Step 4 below for a detailed explanation of the template structure. 

3. As soon as your custom template is saved, you can view your template by pressing on the template name link (1). In addition to can edit, clone, and delete templates by pressing the three dots or ellipsis function (2) on the right.

4. The custom template function is broken down into the below areas to understand which option you have for customization.

  • (1) A potential custom logo placement, which is dependent on your individual service plan. 
  • (2) The content body, which is fully customizable per above documentation.
  • (3) The button placement to open up CertDash
  • (4) The Email footer. This function is not customizable.