If you need to change the status of a single Customer in EXEMPTAX, you may do so in the Customers section. 

Please note that if you wish to activate/deactivate several customers at once, you may also do this via the API, and the via the customer import function.

The following documentation provides instructions on how to activate or deactivate a single customer record.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that change permissions for customer records may be restricted for certain user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. To change a Customer Status in EXEMPTAX, navigate to the "Customers" (1) function in the left menu option. From there select the filter dropdown "Customer Status" (2) and check mark "Inactive" (3).

TIP: By default Inactive customers are not selected when entering the Customers function to avoid clutter. You will have to check mark Customer Status to include Inactive customers in the filter setting to view Inactive customers.

2.  In this example, we will change the status of Hooli from Active (1) to Inactive by clicking on the "Customer Status" (1) link of the particular customer, and we will then press "Change Status" (2) on the confirmation popup window. 

3.  Once the Customer Status Change is processed, the individual status of Hooli will be updated to Inactive (1).