The following documentation outlines how you can download your exemption certificates from your EXEMPTAX account.

1. From your Dashboard, click on the "Reports" function in the menu bar and press "Builder".

2. The builder provides you with several options to customize your report. In this example, we are attempting to export certain certificates from EXEMPTAX by marking the "Certificate Export" option before pressing "Continue".

3. As next step, you can select which certificates specifically you want to export. In our example, I want to export all active and rejected certificates but not any of my expired certificates. Press "Continue" once done check marking your selection.

4. The export criteria provide another level of filtering through various options. In this example, I only want to retrieve documents from customer 'Monsters, Inc.' in California. Press on "Generate Export" to proceed.

TIP: Leaving export criteria selections blank will retrieve documents across all effective dates, all customers and all jurisdictions matching your certificate status selection in step 3 above.

5. When finished with your report builder, go back to the menu bar and press "Download". Your custom report will now be ready for download to the default download folder on your local machine.