Some states provide the option to verify certain tax ID's, permit numbers or other data through an online portal. It is highly recommended to take advantage of online verification directly through the state to ensure that provided data is accurate. 

The following documentation outlines how you can enable or disable the online verification function per state and particular form. Please check how to use the online verification function to see the actual validation process. 

Please keep in mind that access to Rules settings might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. Click on the "Rules" menu to expand all functions and select "Forms".

2. Once in the Forms function, click on the particular form for which you want to enable or disable online verification.

TIP: Use the filter settings in the header for easy navigation to jurisdiction, forms, states, or other details.

3. In the Master Form page scroll down towards the bottom until you reach the "Authentication" section. From here you can select if you want to enable or disable online verification for this particular form by choosing "Required" as the Valid Match option.

TIP: Once you selected "Required" as "Valid Match", an additional function appears to allow the user to upload a "Proof of Authentication". Check out our Proof of Authentication documentation to get more information on this function.