From time to time, you may come across scenarios where your customers provide you with outdated exemption certificates.

While EXEMPTAX provides up-to-date forms in addition to legacy form support, in certain cases an outdated form might not be available for certificate processing under the "Form" dropdown during the step 1 "Classification" phase.

Using a sample exemption certificate for the state of Michigan from the year 2005, we will walk you through potential ways to address such a scenario.

1. Locate the form name and full revision details on the certificate you wish to process on the right window of step 1 "Classification". Then use the dropdown menu "Form" in the data entry part of the left window and scroll through the available forms. 

TIP: View documentation How do I validate manually uploaded tax certificates to view all processing steps.

2. In this case since this form is outdated by many years, the option to select this specific form for standard certificate processing isn't available in the "Form" dropdown. One option to deal with this scenario is to reject the outdated and unsupported form by pressing the "Reject" button as shown below.

TIP: Once rejected, it is recommended to utilize our Campaign builder to obtain up-to-date forms from your customers.

3. If you do not wish to reject the unsupported form and do not wish to contact your customer for a new up to date form, you may also process an unsupported form at your own discretion by following the Custom Form process

4. If you do not wish to process the form as a Custom Form, you may also "Submit Change Request" as shown below to see whether standard legacy certificate processing for the requested form may be added as an exception basis.

5. Once the request is submitted we will review the specifics of your case and get back to you with an update.