EXEMPTAX offers the option to submit express email campaigns to a particular customer with current exposure. Express email campaigns allow you to submit campaigns quickly and directly from a customer record without the need to setup an email campaign.


The following documentation outlines how you submit express email campaigns.

Please keep in mind that access to the customers might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

TIP: Please check on the documentation how do I submit customized email Campaigns if you want to send mass campaigns to multiple customers at once using the campaign builder.


1. There are several ways to get to a customer record; in this example we go through the "Customers" function in the menu bar and select or search for a particular customer from there. Once you found the desired customer record, press on the "Customer" link to proceed.

2. When drilled into the customer record go to the "Shipping States" tab. Then ensure to filter the "Exposure Status" accordingly to show any jurisdictions with either missing, expiring, or expired certificates for this particular customer. 

3. Once all jurisdiction with exposure are visible you can then select one or multiple jurisdictions with exposure by clicking on the checkbox beside the "Jurisdiction". If at least one jurisdiction with exposure is selected, the "Express Campaign" button becomes visible. Proceed by pressing the "Express Campaign" button.

4. If you have previously created additional custom templates, then those customized templates will be available for you to select. Otherwise, you will be able to only select the Campaign Request (System Default) template.

TIP: If you need assistance in adding customized email templates to your account, you may create a support ticket, or contact us at support@exemptax.com.

5. When the desired template has been selected, simply press the "Send Campaign" function, which will immediate submit an email to your customer.