At times, you might want to escalate a certificate if you are missing certain data, having legibility issues due poor quality of the document, want to get a second opinion, or simply park a certificate with added comments for future processing. 

The following documentation provides instructions on how to escalate a certificate during processing. 

Please keep in mind that access to the Certificate area might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. Click on the "Certificate" function on the left menu bar and then press "Queues". From there select the certificate you want to process by clicking on the "Cert ID" button.

2. In this example, the user has issues reading certain data fields and decides to escalate the certificate to get a second opinion by pressing the "Escalate Certificate" button.

FYI: You can escalate a certificate at any processing stage (Classification, Validation, Authentication) and for any reason. Additionally you can utilize the escalation function to park a certificate for future processing with added comments as reference.

3. Once escalated, simply enter your escalation note for future refence and press the "Escalate Certificate" button.

4. To retrieve escalated certificates, enter your Certificate Queue on the left menu bar, filter the "Certificate Status" to "Escalated" and press the "Cert ID" button to view a particular certificate.

5. You can view the escalation notes  by pressing on the "Escalation History" on top.

6. If you identify an action item to further process the certificate at this point, you can manage the escalated certificate as you see fit with all available options at your disposal (delete, reject, validate and continue).

FYI: To respond to an escalation note or provide further details, you can escalate the certificate again to establish a chronological trail of comments and feedback.