If you need to change the status of Customers in EXEMPTAX by either activating or deactivating several customers at once, you may do so using the customer import feature.

Please note that if you wish to make a change for a single Customer, we recommend using the individual update function.

The following documentation provides instruction on how to activate or deactivate customer records via customer import.

Please keep in mind that access to customer import might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. Select the icon "Company Settings" (1) in your Dashboard.  

2. Once in the "Company Settings" function, press on "Customer Import" (1) on the left menu and navigate to the "Bulk_import_template.xlsx" (2) file. From there download the import template file to your local device. 

3. Open the downloaded Excel document and populate the import file with the customer records you would like to update. In this example, we want to deactivate two of our customers in EXEMPTAX: Monsters Inc. (2) and Hooli (3) by inserting "Inactive" in the "Customer Status" (1) for the respective customer. 

NOTEIn case you want to reverse this action and activate previously deactivated customers, please follow the direction outline in Step 2 here and populate the "Customer Status" (1) fields to "Active" prior to importing the import file into EXEMPTAX.

4. When finished with all changes, save your import file, and navigate to the "Drag & Drop" box (1). From there you can either drag and drop your import file or browse locally to your upload file. When your import file is successfully selected, it will show up beside the Drag & Drop box (2). You can then press the button "Upload Files" (3) to continue. 

TIP: Your recent manual file uploads including status updates will be visible in the "Import History" (4) table for your reference. 

5. To check a Customer Status in EXEMPTAX, navigate to the "Customers" (1) function in the left menu option. From there select the filter dropdown "Customer Status" (2) and check mark "Inactive" (3).

NOTE: By default Inactive customers are not selected when entering the Customers function to avoid displaying clutter. You will have to check mark Customer Status to include Inactive customers in the filter setting to view Inactive customers.

6. As soon as the filter is saved and the table loaded, you will see that both customers in our example are now Inactive (1).