In addition to document submission via our automated workflow in CertDash, Email Campaigns, or direct document upload, your customers can send their tax documentation directly to EXEMPTAX via a dedicated “Certificate Queue Email” address issued to each client. 

The “Direct Email Entry” function is particularly useful for purchasers, which traditionally choose to send certificates to their sellers via email.

Please keep in mind that access to Company Settings might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. First, press on the "Company Settings" icon (1) in the menu bar.

2. Once in the "Company Settings" (1), go to menu "Campaign Settings" (2), then tab "Customer Support" (3). From here you will see the option "Direct Email Entry" (4) set to "Disabled" by default. 

Click on the "Direct Email Entry" (4) dropdown and change the "Direct Email Entry" setting from "Disabled" to "Enabled" and hit save afterwards.

NOTE: In some rare cases, activating the "Direct Email Entry" function can take up to 24 hours.

3. As soon as the "Direct Email Entry" function is enabled (1), you will have access to set the following functions:

  • "Direct Email Notification" (2) - Enabling this function will send an automated email notification back to the sender/your buyer informing them of the outcome of the document validation (approved or rejected).

  • "Certificate Queue Email" (3) - EXEMPTAX will automatically assign a dedicated email address to you.

NOTE: To avoid potential spaming of your EXEMPTAX account, submission of emails through free email domains (yahoo, etc.) might be restricted and your purchaser is requested to use a corporate email domain to send tax documents directly to EXEMPTAX. 

4. Inform your purchasers of your dedicated EXEMPTAX Certificate Queue Email address (1) so that they can now send their tax documents conveniently directly via email to you as individual attachments.

5. After your customer sent an email to your dedicated email address with tax documents attached, those documents will be visible as pending in your dashboard (1) in real time. 

Go into the "Queues" (2) menu on the left to access your certificate queue.

6. In the "Queues" (1) section, you will see all pending certificates by default. In this example, your purchaser sent 2 attachments in his email, which are now listed as individual "Cert ID's" (2). 

Press on the "Cert ID" (3) button of any certificate to start the certificate validation process.

7. You will see the email content (1) on the right side as provided by your purchaser in his email. 

Scroll down (2) on the right to each subsequent page view additional content or provided attachments/documents. 

8. Once tax documents are visible, you can start the certificate validation process (2) from here on.