You can easily maintain exposure zones per individual customer records by turning jurisdictions / shipping states on or off. In addition to single changes, you can also perform mass changes to existing customer records to perform various updates.

The following documentation provides instruction on how to maintain exposure zones on existing single customer records.

IMPORTANT: If your EXEMPTAX account is integrated into your ERP, accounting or any other system, you will have to make necessary changes relating to shipping states in your leading system in order for these updates to be reflected in your EXEMPTAX account thereafter.

Please keep in mind that access to Company Settings might be restricted for some user roles; please contact your EXEMPTAX account owner to check if you have sufficient access rights to perform this function.

1. Go to "Customers" (1) on the left menu bar.

2. In the "Customers" area, you will see all customer records (1) listed. Select the customer record you want to change by clicking on the blue customer name link (2).

INFO: The Customer Status is set to "Active" by default to only show currently active customer records. If you wish to see Inactive or both Active and Inactive customers, simply utilize the "Customer Status" filter menu accordingly.

3. Inside a particular customer record, navigate to tab "Exposure Zones" (1) to see active shipping state/jurisdictions for this customer. Go to "Edit" (2) to make changes accordingly.

4. Within the "Edit" area of this customer, expand or scroll down to "Exposure Zones" (1) and navigate to the jurisdiction you want to maintain. 

In this case, we will turn off the status for Arizona to exclude Arizona from future exposure for this particular customer.

TIP: After you toggled to the desired status, ensure to hit the Save button.

5. After successfull deactivation of a jurisdiction by toggling the status to the Off position and returning back to the Exposure Zone (1) for this customer, you will see that the now deactivated jurisdiction Arizona is not visible any longer for this particular customer (2).